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Guitar and Drum Kit Tuition

with Tom Fricker

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Lessons are individually catered for each individual person's needs and desires. Grade exams up to and beyond grade 8 can also be catered for. Below are a few key areas of study which will be looked at in lessons:

Chords and Rhythm Playing
Ranging from basic open chord positions such as A, D and E to more advanced Jazz chords such as Dominant 13th, augmented, # & b 9 chords and # & b 5th chords. All chords can be discovered and brought to life in songs.

Scales and Improvising
The process of creating your own solos, think artists such as Slash, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton are all known for their individual style when improvising. Their techniques can be learnt and applied to your own playing.

Music Theory and Composition
The nuts and bolts of music, how it all fits together and very specifically in relation to the guitar. Why do certain notes and chords sound good together where others clash? These kinds of question will be answered and brought to life. Lessons can be catered for to help you towards music theory exams up to grade 8.

Listening Skills
Music isn't just about being able to play your instrument, learn to appreciate music on a deeper level. Ever wanted to work out your favourite artists songs but not known where to start? We will explore how to do this and bring your general musicianship skills up to scratch.


£35 per hour
£26.25 per 3/4 hour
£17.50 per half hour

Lessons are paid 4 at a time and there is a strict 48 hour cancellation policy in constant effect.

Private lessons take place at Tom's home studio in New Eltham. Home visits can be arranged but depend on a number of factors including location and timing of the desired lesson. An extra fee will be charged for any home visits that do take place.

Group lessons can be catered for, if you wish to learn with a friend or friends, please email or phone to find out further details.

When contacting please state your availability during the week to come for a free short trial lesson with no obligation to continue.

Tom does not teach at the weekends.