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Guitar and Drum Kit Tuition

with Tom Fricker

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"I have been having advanced guitar lessons with Tom for a number of months now and enjoy them thoroughly. I had tried to teach myself for nearly 30 years! But now I realise how very little I actually knew. Now I have a much greater understanding of chords, music theory, names of notes up the fret board, scales, picking and strumming techniques. I am a professional Library music composer, and the lessons have really pushed me to try out new ways of writing and playing. I'm always learning something new, and always have something new to practise too."
Barney Quinton, Composer

"I have always loved music. Growing up I saw friends playing in local bands along to my favourite songs and always had that nagging thought in the back of my mind 'that's something I would like to do'. One of the reasons I am so glad I took the plunge and begun lessons with Tom is because, as he said to me very early on, you are never to young or old to pick up a guitar and start to learn. Tom is great because he is patient and allows you to learn at your own pace, whether that is at 100 miles an hour, or like myself a little slower. I love the way that songs are incorporated into lessons and working towards grades allows me to see how I am progressing. There is nothing as satisfying as playing along to one of your favourite tunes and I consider myself lucky to have found such a dedicated teacher in Tom whose musical knowledge and enthusiasm is second to none."
Vicky Fox

"I have worked with Tom for the last two years.  When I began with him I was a complete beginner but Tom was endlessly patient as I learnt.  He tailors lessons to my needs and interests and I am now able to play many of the songs I love to listen to.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tom to students of all ages and abilities."
Nic Penny

"Tom is a fantastic teacher. He is calm, endlessly supportive, even when I've done no practice, and enthusiastic. He doesn't force you to play music you hate, and is always open to helping you try out that song you've been longing to learn but didn't know where to begin. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tom as a teacher whether you're five or 55."
Wendy Fielder

"I have always wanted to learn to play the guitar but for one reason or another I always put it off. After speaking with Tom he convinced me that you are never too old to learn. I am so glad that he did. I have started taking lesson from Tom, who has been encouraging from the start and I can see the improvement in my playing after only 10 lessons. He puts you under no pressure and makes you feel at ease and I would encourage anyone to use tom for lessons."
Eugene McCloskey